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Forbes: SEC V. Ripple: The Cryptocurrency Trial Of The Century

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Thank you! Good article, which highlights come important points. Most notably to me: The SEC suit does not allege fraud but seeks unspecified damages and to ban Ripple’s executives from par

Also very interesting to note that Grayscale increased their XRP holding by 8.47% today, clearly believing that buying at around 20 cents is a good investment. 

10 minutes ago, Gambaard said:

Didn't Ripple share a response earlier, saying that they'll continue as normal? Still a good thing to keep an eye on.

I'm in Europe, so I'm not directly affected by exchanges suspending buying/selling. But I can't imagine being from the US right now, potentially having no way to buy/sell XRP, and then seeing XRP getting to ATH... I know, minor chance, but the idea itself is gruelling...

Business can't continue as normal for Ripple at least that is the basis of the suit, but from my understanding exchanges can still sale without being penalized in the near future. A lot are halting sales because it shows proactive measures of compliance even though at this time that compliance is implied as opposed to written. So exchanges can continue business as usual Ripple on the other hand I don't think they can. if Ripple can not move XRP in the short term it's just basic supply and demand the price should go up for the exchanges still selling. Not how I would prefer the price to go up but it is a possibility. It would be interesting to know the available circulating supply now.

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10 hours ago, AJXRP said:
10 hours ago, AJXRP said:

Grayscale's own twitter account (though I saw it via David Gokhstein):


Edit: Though now I see he has taken that down. He says he believes Grayscale did buy more today, but others were disputing that.

Regardless, the big picture is the case and clarifying that XRP is a currency. Once/if that happens, the price will take off again. And the crypto world will have a debt of gratitude to Ripple for bringing some degree of regulatory clarity in the US. 


Greyscale did increase xrp holdings by 8% but also increased other coins by 20%+

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16 hours ago, RikkiTikki_is_Back said:

This is the first time I have seen Forbes reporting align as a proponent of Ripple and XRP.  I think in the end this is just a path we must take towards regulation be it however detoured laden it is.  Hopefully this forces congress to get in the game per say!! time for those Ripple lobbyist to earn their pay!!


Forbes is an open blogging site, a free-for-all. Anyone can submit articles, as is the case here.

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13 hours ago, jargoman said:

Greyscale did increase xrp holdings by 8% but also increased other coins by 20%+

Where are you seeing this? Here is what I can see from the @grayscale twitter account:


Dec 2 - $21.9M

Dec 11 - $20.6M

Dec 22 - $18.6M

Dec 29 - $8.6M


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