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XRP Delisting from the Crypto.com App in the U.S.


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3 hours ago, namini said:

Interesting, I thought at first they were delisting for everybody, but looks like it's only for the USA.

SEC suit only affects USA, they have no jurisdiction outside of the US. Which makes it just as weird and silly to file something like it after other countries already use XRP as a currency of sorts.

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Safe to say, any serious U.S exchange will be speaking with their legal counsel and, at the least, halt trading XRP... 

No longer are the insider's going to tell you they were "long Ripple, but question XRP"... this is going to get interesting, as soon, everyone inside of the house made of glass will be questioning the moves they made while blasting that which made them uncomfortable.... it's just getting started...


May God help us all!!!

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3 hours ago, xrp-nuke said:


The only exchange that went nuts and suspend for all is: Coinbase

Funny, the same exchange that just can't seem to keep it together during bull-runs (service drop offs and all the rest) led by a BTC maxi...surprise, surprise.


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