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send money in one transaction for unspecific agent? 


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We want to send remittances from country A to country B using agents. Both countries have multiple agents and one head office. Country's agents are connected with their own country's head office. In our system, all agents have their own XRP address and connected to the country's head office using the Trustline of IOU. if the user can send money from one agent of country A to another specific agent of country B then the path will be-

Agent A(sender) -> country A's head office -> country B's head office ->Agent B (receiver ). 

Real case:
A user wants to send AED (UAE Currency) from UAE to singapore as singapore (Singapore dollar) to the beneficiary. The Sender goes to an agent of UAE then sent 500 AED to singapore without specifying the receiver agent(the receiver can withdraw from any agent of singapore).

If the receiver agent is undefined how a transaction can be done? 
Do we need two transactions, 
Trxn 1 - Agent A  (Sender) > UAE HeadOffice > IND HeadOffice
Trxn 2-  IND HeadOffice>Agent B (Receiver) (when Receiver go any Agent office)

---Is it possible to send the money in one transaction for unspecific agent? 
If one transaction is not possible, then is there any way to connect two transaction?

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