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minimalist-client-ripple send error


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Hello world !

I use minimalist-client-ripple recently, I have a problem I do not send background to another wallet it tells me the error there:

transaction finalized with error: {"result":"tejMaxLedger","result_message":"Transaction LastLedgerSequence exceeded","engine_result":"tejMaxLedger","engine_result_message":"Transaction LastLedgerSequence exceeded","message":"Transaction LastLedgerSequence exceeded","stack":"n@https://jatchili.github.io/minimalist-ripple-client/:199:13271\nripplehttps://jatchili.github.io/minimalist-ripple-client/:201:2513.....................................................................................ne@https://jatchili.github.io/minimalist-ripple-client/:197:5668\nripplehttps://jatchili.github.io/minimalist-ripple-client/:203:12193\nripplehttps://jatchili.github.io/minimalist-ripple-client/:199:28261\n"}

I search but no solution I have 6k/xrp blocked on this wallet


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Just some guessing;

Does the target account require a destination tag?

Did you checked the 'Direct XRP -> XRP' box?

Are you sure the destination wallet address is correct?

If you know your secret code you can try other wallet software or enter it at your gatehub account

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Thanks for your return,

I do not think it requires a tag to comment more knowledge?

The destination address is good and the account is active,

In the connect section do I have to put a username before connecting to ripple?

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I'm not completely sure about the tag but if you transfer XRP to Kraken.com for example I think the destination tag is neccesary (it's showed at the funding/deposit page).
But normally it's ok to not enter anything, like when you just want to transfer to another wallet you made with the minimalist client for example.

I don't exactly know what is causing the problem but here are the steps for sending a payment:

1) Freshly start the minimalist client (close window and reopen / navigate to the minimalist client)
2) enter your secret code in the 'secret' field', starts with the letter 's' (never share this code with anyone)
3) click the button [set identity]
4) click [connect to ripple]
5) you should receive a messagebox 'connected to ripple with result: success'
6) click the button [use current identity]
7) click [view info] to check amount of XRP on your account
note: the amount of xrp is displayed in drops (millionths of an XRP). Remove the last 6 digits to find out how much XRP it is.

at 'send payment':
8) enter the amount of XRP you want to send (NOT drops unlike above, if you want to send 1000xrp then just enter 1000)
9) click the [direct xrp->xrp] checkbox so it is checked
10) enter the destination ripple address. must start with the letter 'r'
11) press send

Also make sure you have a recent version of a modern webbrowser like Firefox. Even though I don't think it's related but just to make sure.

In the connect section it is NOT needed to enter an username.

Feel free to let us know if the error persists


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I well executed all these steps but its still blocked in the same way at the end. But my private key begins with 3Q... even if I create another portfolio the key will start with 3... and not by s...

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I had the same issue recently. I'm not technical but I think the wallet is broken. Freaked me out to be honest because the error dialog that appeared asked me to click "clear identity" and I thought I might have rekeyed the wallet on accident. 

As a quick workaround, I used GateHub to import the key pair and send it out through their wallet. 

If you have a GateHub account this is very easy to do. Here are instructions:

@T8493 Maybe you can test the client and if it isn't working it should probably be removed from the resources section until fixed. 

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It is not possible for my part to import on gatehub, because my key secrete that my give minimalistclientripple comence by 3QaX... and 3PHS...

What is strange, a few months ago he gave me only keys like his and now if I kind a new portfolio his starts well by s.....

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1 hour ago, Riwzlo said:

my key secrete that my give minimalistclientripple comence by 3QaX... and 3PHS...

When you click "generate identity", the minimalist client shows you the address it generated (begins with "r"). You then click "show/hide secret" which reveals your secret key (starts with "s").

The client seems to work fine generating these key pairs, so if you ended up with something different, I'm not sure how that happened.

Have you checked your address here to see if the XRP are still in there?


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6 minutes ago, Riwzlo said:

Yes the amount is always. I understood the principle at the time but it would generate many "secret keys" starting with 3Q .... I'm finished?

No clue. Not sure how that's possible. By chance were you using Safari? I was when I was having issues and didn't think to change my browser which is an easy test. Maybe you can do the same. 

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