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XUMM account recovery


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i recently lost my phone which contained my xumm account with most of my xrp in. I tried recovering the account on a different device using my secret numbers but it just created a new wallet and didn’t put me back into my original account. I was wondering if anyone could give any advice on what I should do please?


Thank you in advance!

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Hey! Sorry for the late reply, I only notice your post just now.

A ordered set of secret numbers (8 blocks of 6 digits) *always* result in the same XRPL account and r-address. If you enter the same ordered set of secret numbers and you receive another r-address, you're not using the correct secret numbers. You may have generated multiple secret numbers and accounts, and are entering another ordered set than you are expected to enter for the account you'd like to recover.

Some things to consider:

- Are you sure you need the secret numbers? Possibly you imported the account from another secret generated elsewhere?
- Are you using the last ordered set of secret numbers? If you went back and forth in the account generation process, new secret numbers were generated. You must have written them down as XUMM forced you to re-enter them.

If you have more questions: you're very welcome at https://support.xumm.app/hc/en-us/requests/new

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By chance did you create your XUMM wallet to migrate Casino Coin a couple of years ago? If so, you were asked to create a new wallet with something like a 29 character key. It was different than the standard 12 or 24 "word" key. If I recall correctly it was unique to the Casino Coin migration. A few months ago I changed phones and had a similar problem, my coins were locked in the wallet created for Casino Coin. After some looking I did find where I wrote down the 29 character key, but it didn't work. Unlike with words where if a letter is written down within one of 12 words it has context around it, so a zero is easy to tell from an "o". But a randomly generated 29 character key has no context around each character. So, I couldn't tell if I had capital C or lower case c. Same thing with O and the character zero. I wrote my characters in marker, so it was hard to tell. And later I found out that some "r"s had to be changed to "c", after some people who voluntarily help with XUMM issues told me. How would one know that is beyond me. It took me many, many derivations to finally unlock it, but I did it with the help of some of the XUMM people. They are very intelligent and will help you, but DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR KEY while getting their help. I wish you all the luck in resolving this. You have my sympathy.   


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