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It's time we, the XRP community, fork the XRP ledger. Hive is a good example of a successful community-led fork (fork of Steemit): https://decrypt.co/23854/hive-decentralized-fork-outperforms-ste

Ripple *publishes* a recommended UNL.  So do a variety of other entities.  Anyone running a validator can use that UNL, modify that UNL, or totally ignore that UNL. I will not take the bait and e

First we'd need a comprehensive plan. A transitionary period where participants switch over or re-point their UNLs etc. Would you burn tokens owned by Ripple/Founders etc? ALL of them? Some? 

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1 hour ago, thinlyspread said:

This is a strong point. Let's not forget, the DEX (distributed exchange) was/is one the of the primary features of XRPL. It's an amazing technical achievement and the first DEX in crypto. Sadly, also mostly unused. (I am hoping FXRP+FLR can remedy this or David's stablecoin proposal, but nothing seems to ever materialise for the DEX!).

I think the main issue of the DEX is the direct access and therefore the lack of certification of who is the customer. Normally the access to the market or public DEC is through "certified" intermediaries that (should) comply with KYC & AML processes.

Who takes care of these checks? Which regulators will enforce controls over this? You would need a strong and centralized control mechanism in between. In international markets I see this as incredibly complex as each country has different rules & regulations. I'm not very familiar with DEX protocols but this is what I see as a main hurdle. If I'm not wrong this was also one of the issues with Ripple's Fincen settlement.

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Hi this is my first post here.

I came here looking for an xrp community ready to show the SEC that the xrp ledger is decetralized, but I see too many negative answers to any suggestion to do anything as a community separated from Ripple. It makes me wonder if although the tech is decetralized, in practice is has been always "centralized". If there is no will to do anything unless Ripple does it, then the SEC has already won.

Whether forking is the best idea or not it can be discussed. I personally would like to see the proposed use case Ripple is trying to solve being a thing (internet of value). So ideally any soulful would need to keep Ripple "interested". I do not think Ripple would replace XRP for a fork of XRP where they can defend it was not created by anyone working for them.


As someone else suggested, instead of going all full to an entirely new coin, I believe the simplest and effective message to the SEC world be to burn or lock some fraction of the Ripple's escrow. If the community can pull this off then it can be argued and defended that it has full control over the ledger and that Ripple can do nothing ro stop it.

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On 12/31/2020 at 11:50 AM, thinlyspread said:

What about the XRPL Foundation (https://xrpl.org)?

Exaclty, I think the XRPL Foundation would have a key role to play in that. I am quite surprised that @Wietseis not getting involved in the conversation. He is a symbol of the XRP Ledger, not Ripple. Although Xpring finances him. And Xpring is actually Ripple. 

On 12/31/2020 at 12:08 AM, pje said:

XRPC - XRP Classic




GEN (Genesis ^^)

We should focus on an IOU system first with in its center Xumm. We would compete against Stellar basically.


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On 12/31/2020 at 12:08 AM, pje said:

It seems to be maintained mostly by the company? If this is the case then someone needs to become the lead developer. This would be quite the responsibility albeit one that comes with prestige and status potentially. Does the community have someone who knows rippled codebase and whatnot?

There are few folks here that could be very very helpful. I am thinking of @tulo, @Sukrim, @Graine, @Quadear, @yxxyun, etc.

We need a financial incentive for those who will spend time working on that. For sure. 

Tulo is right and has mentioned in another thread, the difficulty is also the maintenance of the code.

We would need a key and well-known sponsor/ figure within the XRP tech ecosystem too... 

But the real question is do we think that the current application of the ledger is solving a real and painful problem as is. For instance, do we think that Xumm, which is the modern translation / version of the original intention, can succeed and scale? Are people using it? What's the traction? Etc.

Another cool idea I have in mind is a copy paste of the sablier project https://sablier.finance/ (built on top of ETH).

It is basically a protocol designed to stream cash in real time. Let's imagine getting your payroll every sec, instead of every week or month depending on the country where you live. That's cool. XRPL is so fast and cheap that the use case for streaming money is quite obvious. Coil is actually a good example of that. If you are a member of Coil, go to Bithomb and see the cash coming real time for the content creator.

Anyway, just an idea.

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In what the fork would differ from stellar?
Actually what makes XRP XRP is Ripple. The underlying tech of Stellar is the same (if not better) than XRP, but still XLM is seen as the little brother of XRP.

I personally love much more the idea behind stellar and I'd love to see XRP code handled by a non-profit organization with different goals in mind.


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The Sablier idea is cool. I think XRP could be quite usefully presented as a payment currency for business/employment use cases (e.g. wages, what happens at Coil already, etc.). This actually fits in with the idea of XRP as business-oriented.

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Bootstraping a network is not that simple. I wouldn't mind helping out with the technology part. My background is in IT and have experience working with distributed systems. However, for sure it would be helpful to have experienced engineers from Ripple who are unhappy with the current situation and want to start over. 

The only way to compete with Ripple and get some adoption is by making the companies' onboarding easier aka a public permissionles network. Anything else has no way to compete with other networks and systems with years of advantage. Anyone can build a Facebook today, no social network can grow as much as Facebook. It is the network effect. 

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14 hours ago, tulo said:

I can put 10k XRP for the code with the amendment to burn Ripple and developers XRP. We can start the XRP collection :rolleyes:.

Another 10k here - Burning the full developer allocation is no problem, they have sold more than enough for a lifetime. Question is how much XRP to burn from Ripple? burning the full allocation would likely do further harm to the ecosystem but 50-75% burning seems fair and preserves enough allocation.

Question is I doubt any of the "independent validators" like @Wietseetc that have likely taken grants from Ripple would be willing to vote on the proposed amendments even if the overwhelming consensus in the community is in favour of doing so.

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