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Api endpoint on the Testnet


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    "result": "success",

    "ledger": {

        "account_hash": "9C4161B246E0221A0552402982A1266272CC634EDC8CAB32FEE461985342BEB1",

        "close_flags": "0",

        "close_time": 1566953031,

        "close_time_resolution": "10",

        "ledger_hash": "167AF74419312A00C26245C1A8E728C9D3F17ECD1BBD6209B19F15BCC5C17FEA",

        "ledger_index": 22189035,

        "parent_close_time": 1566953030,

        "parent_hash": "453F005C7CAC16585F4C6277BC38A529BBC2B93880B26A5380CD33BC3DCB6607",

        "total_coins": "99996928944636091",

        "transaction_hash": "A9FA0DC87129A55651C0C4FADC4A4E4E42486818A3EB7342283ADA2A8FC84C5A",

        "tx_count": "5",

        "close_time_human": "2019-Aug-28 00:43:51"




When I check the last ledger index on https://testnet.xrpl.org/ , that was 13448174. Anyone else can explain it? 

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