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For those still holding XRP after this season


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20 hours ago, Daniel8 said:

Personally I am TRYING to buy as much XRP as I can.  Right now I am waiting on a ledger nano.  I am 100% new to crypto.  Generally I have been all out for gold/silver.  But I went down the rabbit hole when I asked myself "what will the new world reserve currency be when the dollar collapses and is removed from its reserve status"?  And that is when I found XRP.  I believe that XRP is everything that is needed for it to be the next world reserve currency and thus it could be a VERY profitable venture for anyone left in when the music stops.  The IMF and 1% of the 1% are seeking a new currency for the world.  They do so every 40-50 years and we are due.  Note- in the last 12 months the USA printed 25% of all dollars in existence.  That is a lot of mass printing.  Hence I'm not off base in thinking that the USD is on the brink of collapse.  The question is what is the new reserve currency?  XRP?

Something for you to consider:

I dont see any XRP in top 10 most valuable.


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XRP will either have the the largest multiplication factor on the planet or it will be worthless.  I think the first is what is going to happen.  Regardless of if it is currently comparable to Tesla or Amazon.  Personally though I wouldn't buy XRP without Gold/Silver first!!!!  Because Gold/SIlver will have a GREAT multiplacation factor when the dollar collapses.  But there is a slight chance that XRP could go 100/1000/10000.....  And those numbers are very attractive with a 50k investment right now.

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