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Accessing 2013 Ripple Account


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Hi everyone.

I have a very old ripple address from back in 2013 that I'm currently trying to get access to but without much luck. 


I have:

  • a wallet address- 34 characters long
  • secret key- 29 characters long

I don't have:

  • My username (and reading through some of the other posts about older account recovery, seems like you need it. I hope I'm wrong!!)

I haven't however got the slightest clue on how to access to the account. I've tried all the migration stuff to no avail, and had 0 success with gatehub. I think it's so old and outdated that nothing seems to be working. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction on the best way to go about doing this? I can't remember what I used back in 2013. Not sure if it was a desktop client or an online service. There doesn't seem to be any support for clients from 2013/14 at all.


Thanks guys


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  • knoxville changed the title to Accessing 2013 Ripple Account

Actually nevermind I managed to figure it out. Apologies for creating a topic, didn't think I'd manage to sort it on my own. Please delete the thread if you need!!


And for anyone wondering how I did it, it was actually very very simple (possibly why I didn't try it). I created a gatehub account, went through the verification steps. Added a new wallet, it then asked for my password (2fa), and then asked for the secret key. Simple as that.

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Thanks for pointing that out @Flintstone, I hadn't even heard of it.

I've set the message key on gatehub for that address. If I transfer my XRP elsewhere between now and the drop, will I still receive the Spark to that address? And if I lose any XRP between now and then does that effect the Spark amount? I'm assuming because the snapshot was already taken that nothing I do now will effect anything but I just want to double check as I'm sure you know much much more about it than I do!

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