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Internet Projects with Great Potential NOIA & SNTVT

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Sentivate is a next generation Hybrid Internet that is composed of centralized and decentralized components. Sentivate is designed to be a realistic and viable replacement for the increasingly sluggish Web we have today.  https://sentivate.com/network/ 




Syntropynet  are transforming the public internet into a secure and user-centric internet, where encryption and optimized performance are built-in and automatically enabled for anything and everything connected to it. https://www.syntropynet.com/


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On 3/23/2021 at 4:38 PM, GemHunter said:


Hi GemHunter-

SNTVT sounds like an interesting project.  And it's still in the beginning.  The chart looks nice and harmless to get a position.

Have you heard of THETA?  THETA has a similar vision to a new fix to the internet bandwidth problem along with other things that it offers.  I was in it heavy until today when they announced that they needed 60 more days to the 28 day countdown to launch their 3.0.  It was on a great rise!!!  Now I'm looking for something else for the next 60 days or so that has potential!

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