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Can anyone try succesfully contacting Flare team with this question, and get a reasonable direct answer from them?!


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Guys, any of you, know a way to get to Flare team, I asked them directly, they don't answer, although, a few, very smart 'in the know' people here provided a response to this question, but still said, confirm with the Flare team, which I can not do!

('In the know' people have said that it is possible to update the messagekey after the snapshot was taken, before the Bot starts reading the addresses for distributions, "it's the last one that counts")


So again, the important question:

If i set a messagekey incorrectly/ or with an ethereum address to which i do not control private keys, during the snapshot, can I redo the messagekey address set up at a later date, before the Flare network goes live and the Flare Bot starts distributing Sparks?!


Anyone can ask Flare team directly on this issue?!

(via twitter, email, or whatever other means of getting in touch with them?!)


Thank You in Advance!!!


I guess, this is valuable information not only for me, but for many others, who are facing the same question!!

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