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Changelly - Pros /Cons?


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Hi all,

I recently used Changelly to make a small initial trade for XRP. It seemed to work just fine, does anyone have any positive/negative experiences they can share.

I plan on making some big purchases for XRP as well.



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I've used once and no issue. I've used Shapeshift numerous times with failed transactions. They (Shapeshift) have always made it right, usually within a day or 2, but the nervousness and time makes me take a deep breath.

The one time with Changelly went smooth. I will def be trying again.


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ALWAYS save your order number, transaction number etc. Try to find on the blockchain if there is an issue. If you have those things there is a much greater chance of recovery of funds if a problem arrives. You can bookmark the transaction or email a copy to yourself.

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be careful when markets are volatile, you will NOT get a good market rate

but otherwise, in my exp. it is a great service 

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