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Bitrue starts trading Spark against XRP in December already


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considering the shady practices of Bitrue over the last year (blocking user accounts because of arbitrage, blocking them out of the lending plataform), i would actually be cautions with this decision. Bitrue state they will allocate the 15%, but still the ratio is undecised. What is striking to me is that, they can easily say they will allocate 15% but they could actually allocate 14.99%, and people would not notice the small difference in drops. For an exchange with the size of bitrue with some hundred million XRP, that would be a win for them upon the launch of Flare next year.


Considering this is biture, i can only foresee some shitty/shady operation undergoing for some months.

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On 12/10/2020 at 2:45 AM, buh said:

Bitrue state they will allocate the 15%, but still the ratio is undecised.

I think what they mean is that they will give you an IOU on your first distribution, which equals %15 of your total distribution. That %15 figure shouldn't change, unless Flare were to change it for some reason. 

To your point - the distribution ratio is yet to be determined. Whatever that number ends up being, the first distribution should amount to %15 of it.

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