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Flare airdrop of Spark tokens to XRP holders faq


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“Take note especially that the air drop is going to be staged over two to three years so you will need the exchange to exist and continue participating for that period.”

I just added the above to the faq because I now realise that not everyone has considered that.

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16 minutes ago, Ryyy20 said:

Is it possible to opt out of a future airdrop by just removing the message key and ETH address that you set this up with?

Most likely no in my opinion.  I imagine the smart contract records the Flare address at time of claim and amount in snapshot at time of first issuance.

I do not believe you need to keep the message key set once you have successfully claimed.  
( Ie on go live date or on a subsequent date prior to June 2021. )

I am not certain of that however.  And it easily could be that at each distro date the contract checks the XRPL messageKey field.  Have to wait and see I suppose.


This brings up potentially complicated legal and tax issues...  say I have tax liabilities based on ‘owning’ some XRP.  If I proveably burn them do I still own them?  What about if I lose the key?  I imagine there are going to be complicated questions settled over the next decade about things like that.

What liability would you incur if somone airdropped “XRP-lite” to you.  New fork, same addresses,  same keys.  You automatically ‘own’  them as soon as this chain is created (it’s just an example).  Do you have to pay tax on its worth even though that chain has a founder that you despise and therefore you won’t ever touch his new coin?


These are not immediately obvious things unfortunately.  Hopefully reasonable legal and regulatory solutions will be found.  However if past is prologue then we might be fecked.  :) 

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a little question, where we can see we received the 15% of spark, i have a ledger nano S , i made the inscription with the xrptoolkit .


Another thing, on my ledger i have an account ethereum but i can't see the ERC20 , i allowed the contract data but on ledger live i see only the ethereum wallet i don't have the option to click on "show token" , for the information i made all the uptade

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4 minutes ago, showie said:

ok i know , but they spoke about to give 15% at 12 in december , so you mean we'll receive the token once it will start to quote ?

You will get 15% when the Flare network goes live.



At network launch, each account that has claimed Spark will receive 15% of the total Spark for which they are eligible.



We do not know when the network will go live yet.

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maybe it's not appropriate on that topic but i don't know why i can't see the erc20 token affiliated to ethereum as i readed ledger can support it , someone knows how to show token supported by ledger with ethereum adress?

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Flare is it's own, completely different, chain.  It just happens to use the EVM.  

You will not see them as an ERC20 on your ether address.

They will be on the flare network that has the same address/account as your Ethereum.  This is why you should have the keys to that address.  It will be needed when the proper wallets are out and the network is live.  Then you will be able import that account to the wallet with those keys.

There will even be FRC20 tokens that are issued on the flare chain.

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From the original post:

"When do I get them?

The Spark that you are eligible for will be sent out over time.  At the go-live of the network (sometime in first half of 2021) those who have already ‘claimed’ by setting the messageKey with their desired Flare address will have 15% of their total entitlement sent to that address.  Every following month there will be a further allocation of a smaller amount.  If you claim some months after the go-live then you will get all the entitlement up to that point.  Eg 15% plus however many months worth."

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