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FXRP Questions


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Hi Guys,

I looked on a few pages to see if this question had been asked but i couldn't find this specific answer.

I've held XRP on my ledger (cold wallet) for years, and upon hearing the news back in August (i think) about the impending airdrop i decided that i would do the following...

- Move XRP to Binance

- Have XXXXXX amount of XRP on Binance at 00:00 on the 12th December when they take the snapshot

- Receive my free FXRP (I've now learned this will be awarded and dropped over a longer period of time). 

- Move XRP back to Ledger 

My questions are:

1) If i were to move my XRP back to the ledger at say... 1am the same day - after the snapshot is complete would i still get the FXRP token sent to my finance account over a period of time, or do i need to leave it all on Binance longer? 

2) If my XRP is present on Binance during the screen shot, and then i were to sell some XRP would i still receive the same FXRP as to what i had at the time of the screenshot?

3) If i were to move all XRP back to ledger just after the screenshot, would the airdrop follow my XRP or would it go to Binance? 


Sorry if this has already been addressed, if so please link me.


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You won't receive FXRP but Spark. FXRP is the "tokenization" of XRP on Flare (Spark) blockchain.

About the questions:

1) Yes, but check carefully the time of the screenshot and the policy of Binance. They might suspend deposit and withdrawals for a while that day.

2) Yes

3) They'll go to binance. They'll never "follow" your XRP. A separate spark account on a separate blockchain will receive them.

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#JamesMMM Best thing is to claim your Spark on Ledger Nano you are holding, as there is risk of Fraud at Exchanges, there is chance if more than 1:1 airdrop then only exchange will get on their master address which they may or may not pass on to you. Complete Airdrop may take 2-3 years and you might close your account on that particular exchange for some reason, you will lose airdropped Spark token. This is what i believe.

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