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Where was tecUNFUNDED_PAYMENT displayed? If you received that error when making the transaction, then your transaction was not successful and the XRP should not have left your wallet (except for a (hopefully) small transaction fee). Perhaps your wallet software has a bug and is not reporting the balance correctly.

Put your public wallet addresses into www.bithomp.com to check the actual balance of both addresses.

What wallet software are you using? 

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Ah I see, you're sending from an exchange's hot wallet.

It must have been the case that their wallet didn't contain enough XRP when you were trying to send (this is the exchange's fault; they shouldn't let it happen). You can see many other transactions from that account that failed for the same reason recently. You'll need to follow up with the exchange's support, they should be able to put the XRP back into your wallet. It seems like their software doesn't do enough error checking.

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Try to keep calm... it's the first working day of the week, and this only happened on Saturday, many exchanges/companies take days to respond to support tickets.

The good news is that you have proof of the failed transactions on the public ledger. It should not be difficult for them to understand.

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