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Spark Token Claim/Paper Wallet/Atomic Wallet

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Sorry, I am completely new to XRP and cyrpto in general.  If I have my XRP on a paper wallet and I don't want to move my XRP back to an exchange or to another wallet like XUMM, can I still claim the Spark Token?  I am confused on how to set the message key to a paper wallet with a created ETH address or if this is even possible without moving my XRP to a different wallet.

Any help or guidance for a layman would be greatly appreciated.

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@RSH Yes, it is certainly possible. You’ll have 6 months after the snapshot on the 12th of December to set the Regular Key.

I’ve done a tutorial on how to do this with Bithomp Tools. I’ll post it in a new topic after the 12th, when everything settles down a bit.

You’ll need to sort out an Ethereum address. MEW (MyEtherWallet) is a popular choice and can be used offline.

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I apologize if this has been posted elsewhere, I can't seem to find anything, but has there been any updated tutorials since the airdrop on how to set the message key for paper wallets to claim the Spark Token?

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@RSH Here’s a tutorial for Bithomp Tools

On 12/2/2020 at 6:48 PM, Flintstone said:

How to use Bithomp Tools to set Message Key

First things first, make sure you have an ETH address ready that you hold the secret key for.

Bithomp Tools can be used as a standalone offline XRP wallet. It is now recently discontinued, but is still a highly functional wallet. You will need to download Bithomp Tools zip file here: https://github.com/Bithomp/bithomp-tools  If you are using an air-gapped computer, transfer the file to a usb stick. If you are not using an air-gapped computer, disconnect from the internet once the download is complete.

Right-click and extract the file on your computer/air-gapped device. Open the folder extracted from the zip file:



Open up your web browser in private mode/incognito. Bring back the Bithomp folder to the foreground and Click and Drag the Index.html file into the web address bar at the top of your browser.



Click on the 'I have read, understand and agree' box.



Select 'Offline' and choose either 'secret key' or 'mnemonic' - whichever applies to you. Now enter your XRP secret/seed into the box. (Double check that you are disconnected from the internet).



Once you have entered your secret key/phrase, your public key should now be visible. Good time to show off Wietse's Vanity Generator. Took a while on a RPi.



Select 'Settings' and scroll down and select 'Message Key'



Here is where you need to enter in your modified public ETH address you created into the 'Message Key' box. Double check my text box instructions here: https://coil.com/p/wietse/Prepare-for-claiming-your-Spark-token-Flare-Networks-a-tool-for-XUMM-XRPToolkit/NkXJQUqpi



After you have typed in your public ETH address, you need to find out the recommended fee and next sequence of your transaction history. Scan the QR code if your phone has the ability to do so.



Once you have clicked set, the transaction is signed. You now need to submit the signed transaction to the Ledger. Use your QR reader to 'copy' the text from the grey box and submit it to our open Bithomp webpage from earlier on our phone.



And Voila, job done. Any questions, just fire away. 

@CountZerpula Feel free to add to the original post and edit as you see fit. Fingers crossed, I'll have FleXRP done tomorrow.


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On 4/16/2021 at 3:04 AM, cryptolanguage2021 said:

hey Flinstone, i did every step for offline wallet, bithump, looks like it s been registered but xrpscan still not registered, did i missed any step? thank you 



Yeah, something hasn’t gone right for you.

Try following the steps again.

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