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How to recover my XRP


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How do I recover my XRP using my wallet address and my private key?

I deposited XRP into my Ripple Desktop Wallet in Jan 2018 and I have not touched them since. Then my laptop's Windows malfunctioned and I had to do a factory restore, and as a result I lost everything on my laptop. I still have the address and my private key written down on a piece of paper. How do I recover my XRP and deposit into a new XRP wallet? What wallet do you recommend? Thank you very much!


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Hi.  I was just advising someone in a similar situation a hour or two ago.  The link is below.

I would think the easiest way is install the XUMM wallet onto your phone and import your account.  Other options exist but this is the easiest that I know of.  DONT LET YOUR PHONE CAMERA OR ANY OTHER CAMERA SEE THE SECRET KEY.  If you have any malware they may be able to read that key which is the total access to your XRP.

See the posts below and do those steps.

2 hours ago, BillyOckham said:

Ok...  in XUMM it’s called “+ Add account”.   It’s a blue button.  Click on it.

in the next page select “import existing account”

then select “full access” click next

the next page gives three options to create the walled...  you want “FAMILY SEED”.  Click next.

then type the secret key in (the long string starting with “s”).      

 [Please note...  that string is the key to the kingdom...  hopefully you would never need to type it into anything again.  Many people are conned into entering it into a scam site and lose their XRP because that key lets the scammers get their funds.  So you do it this once into a trusted app (Xumm) and never again unless you want to change wallets which is probably a bad idea]

Good luck.



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Hy. Please I would like to know what really happened to my XRP. Last year I bought about 20 XRPs.  Then lost my phone, and now I've got a new phone, logged in to my account but couldn't find my XRP.  I searched in TRUST WALLET and LUNO but it is not there.

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