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Secret ssxxxxxxxxxxxx from Private?


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It's not mathematically feasible. What you need is a wallet that can sign transactions using the private key. 

https://ripplerm.github.io/ripple-wallet/ That wallet can. The source code is situated on github and is open source. It's only been updated with a security patch that all wallets have had to do. 

Lots of us have inspected it for malware. This is the source code 

Your "seed" for the private key is a word list. The standard "seed" for XRP is the secret key sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Because your word list is not compatible you have a few options. 

1. Use a wallet that supports word lists. 

2. Use a wallet that can use the hex private key that you've likely derived from a bip39 tool. Those wallets are rare. I've linked the ripplerm wallet above. 

3. Use one of the two above options to set a "regular key" for your account. Then use a wallet that supports regular keys. A regular key is a second sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx secret that you give permission to sign transactions on your behalf. 

I'd recommend using the ripplerm wallet to set a regular key. Then find a wallet that supports regular keys, or use the ripplerm wallet with the regular key. 

To set a regular key using ripplerm top left corner it says "secret set" click change and enter the hex private key. Then at the bottom left it says set regular key. You'll have to create a new key to enter. Keep that key safe 

When you set a regular key both the master key (in your case the word list) and the regular key can sign transactions on behalf of the account. 

XUMM supports regular keys and the wallets I'm developing will support regular keys. To add a regular key to a wallet you need both the original ripple account where the XRP are located rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. And obviously you need the regular key which you've given permission to sign on your behalf. 

NOTE: do not disable your master key. Presumably your master key is secure and will still work with the nano ledger, if you disable the master key then the word list will no longer be able to sign transactions. If you disable the master without having a valid regular key set then you'd lock you xrp in the account forever. 


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