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Wallet Issues


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I had opened a wallet with Exarpy, about a year or so ago, and since Xrp wasn't moving much in terms of cost, and I had bought on a bit of an upswing (regrets), I figured I would just hodl for the next 5 years or so. So I dumped it into Exarpy and walked away, now because of the recent spike, I decided to take a look at my wallet, and refresh my memory, but it turns out that they are no longer supporting the transfer. So now all I have is the ripple wallet address and the secret key, but is there anything I can do to move things over? Or am I just doomed?

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2 hours ago, PunishmentOfLuxury said:

Download Xumm app by XRPLabs onto your smartphone, very carefully type in the secret key and you're done. Your XRP lives in the ledger, not in any wallet you use to access it. Anyone who has the secret key has control of the asset.

I'll try it! Thank you!

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