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XRP - YouTube Scam


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I am from Singapore, after learning about XRP, I started to become passionate about Ripple, the problem it tries to solve & I had become ripple/XRP believer. 
Invested all of my savings and bought XRP ! Zero Doubts ! 

Yesterday, late night (In Singapore) YouTube was suggesting me a live video with Brad Garlinghouse in it & I was eager and to add on the chat has famous youtubers commenting (it was so real) they mentioned it as Airdrop (send some and receive 2X) so, I sent all my XRP's (I thought that they are giving it from the reserve, how stupid of me) and I got nothing in return I was shocked, when I checked the Hash the Destination Address was tagged as FRAUD REPORTED I have 2 questions 

#1 - Question 
Is there any way that I can recover my lost XRP ? (technology should be smart & accountable isn't it & in future it can happen to any average Joe)
I sent all of my XRP's 19000 of them (I bought them like buying gold with all my hard earned money & life savings at this time I lost it !) 

Transaction :


My Address : rMDP1GHKzuPAM6eFW6aZPozo3FWa1MeCee
Scammer Address : rfh85ybkCx2oACAtq42wFmTiCCGxX96e94 

#2 - Atomic Wallet (I used Atomic Wallet)

If the Destination is FRAUD REPORTED, How come Atomic Wallet can allow me to send XRP's to it ? 

I am here to learn,  

- Suriya 


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To Add pictures & Details I forgot to add earlier
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I'm sorry to say this, but there's no way anyone can reverse the transaction, that's not how blockchains/cryptocurrencies work.

I would encourage you to take all you details to the Singaporean police and file a report. This will probably be required to claim the loss on your Tax Return (not sure that's actually possible in Singapore).

However, the likelihood this will result in you getting your XRP back is basically 0.

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20 hours ago, Suriya said:

If the Destination is FRAUD REPORTED, How come Atomic Wallet can allow me to send XRP's to it ?

There are no standards or regulations around wallets detecting fraud. Bithomp uses the xrpforensics list (https://xrplorer.com/products/advisorylist) that keeps track of fraudulent addresses, but there is no requirement for any wallet to do this. It would seem that Atomic Wallet does not make use of these lists, or perhaps the address had not yet been flagged as fraudulent when you made the transaction.


20 hours ago, Suriya said:

(technology should be smart & accountable isn't it & in future it can happen to any average Joe)

Unfortunately this does happen all the time and it's one of the big problems with cryptocurrency, especially at times like this when hype is bringing new people into the space. Because anyone can use cryptocurrency without vetting or approval, and users have full control to do anything they want with their funds, there is a lot of potential for scams and even just mistakes to happen, and the system is brutal in that there is no transaction reversal possible. It has to be this way because it makes it possible for a decentralised system to exist that is not under the control of any single entity - this is one of the main goals and benefits of cryptocurrency.

As the fraud lists become more widely used, and better protections are put in place by exchanges and wallets, things should improve over time, but there will always be the option to bypass the protections, and scammers will always try to take advantage of this.

I'm very sorry to hear about your loss.

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