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Trying to Import Paper wallet, getting "Invalid Private Key"


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I bought some XRP and set up a wallet on exarpy.com last year.  Just found out the site "is no longer providing transaction services for the XRP Ledger."

I have my public key, private key, Exarpy Account Verification Code and PIN saved on paper.  I quadruple checked their accuracy when I made them. 

I'm now trying to use the Move Funds feature (import) on Exodus and receiving the error "Unable to Move Funds, Invalid Private Key".  Exodus is updated to the current version.

I don't know what to do next.  The private key is 31 digits long and starts with an "s" as it should.  Exarpy still allows the input of my PIN to convert it into the Private Key.  When I do this, it perfectly matches the Private key I wrote down last year on paper.  I've been troubleshooting for 2 hours and still have no answers.

The public key correctly shows my XRP sitting there, untouched.  No one has stolen it, I simply can't seem to access it. 

Did Exarpy give me an incorrect Private Key?  I have verified offline, using theworldexchange.net, that my public and private keys are paired together.

If anyone can help me resolve this issue, I am happy to send a small amount of crypto to your wallet address as a thank you. (Assuming that's allowed, I am new here) Thanks!!!

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