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Okay I have set the Flare ‘ETH’ address (using the Nano). How to access the Spark tokens after the airdrop?


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Using the XRP toolkit and my Nano Ledger I have added a Flare ‘ETH’ address to the message field of my XRP accounts. After the airdrop how can I access the Spark tokens? Not via the Ledger ETH wallet as the Flare network is a different network. I don’t know the secret key as it is stored inside my Nano. Do we have to wait for a ‘Flare’ Nano wallet? 

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We don't know yet but you should have a copy of the eth "secret" to enter into which ever wallets support spark. It's not really a big deal because eth tools will either work with spark or can be modified to work with spark. Flare may not release a wallet and instead release an api documentation for wallets to be created. 

If your eth address was derived from a word list then you might need to use the ian coleman tool to extract the secret for your account. As long as you have the message key set there's no hurry. The coins won't be distributed the day of the snap shot. Probably early 2021.

I did see a user post about trying to get spark test net to work with metamask. 

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So After I tried to set the Message Key with the Flare address. I got an error on the transaction. But now when I log back in I see the address has been added and the update button greyed out. How Do I confirm the claiming process is successful?


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