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XRP destination tag on Trezor T


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Hi everybody

My first time here after just getting my Trezor T and dipping into XRP.

I am trying to deposit xrp into my Trezor where I can generate a receive address but of course (now I learn) I need to have a destination tag to allow for the deposit to occur.  I originally was trying the beta version of the ripple wallet but then found that the Trezor suite carries XRP.  I have the same problem in both however.  I get a deposit address but for the life of me I can't see where I can provide a destination tag to allow the deposit to occur.

Can anybody tell me what I may be doing wrong, where I may look for the tag or if I have missed out a step on the way?

I thank anybody who takes time out of their day to reply.

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I was hoping someone else would answer since I don’t have a trezor and know nothing about it.

But...   I do understand XRP accounts in general at a layman level so maybe I can help.

Exchanges need you to use the destination tag to deposit to them because they have shared wallets.  People with ledgers and presumably Trezors have their own wallet address and therefore do not need the destination tag when receiving XRP to their wallet.  They are the only user of that address so no tag needed.

However...  sending without a tag TO a crypto exchange like Binance or Coinbase you WILL  need a tag.  Otherwise the XRP go into the exchange wallet and they don’t know who it belongs to.  The destination tag is related to your user number on that exchange.   Not all exchanges are nice about sorting the problem... you might never see those XRP.

SENDING from an exchange to your own personal wallet however,  you do NOT need a tag because that wallet only has your XRP...  it’s not a pooled wallet.  If you do specify a tag for a wallet that doesn’t need one,  there is no problem...  the ledger just ignores that tag.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for that.  That makes sense after reading that some desktop wallets include a destination tag with the receiving address.  This is xrp that I am trying to get from coinmama.  I must admit that I didn't read their rules around xrp.  I will investigate further.  If so it just seems that its a dumb problem that they need to solve.  I'm only buying because my nephew wants to get some.  So I'll do the hard yards and he gets the ripple!  Its good to learn though.

I thank you for that insight.  I'll chase it.

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