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Analyst: XRP May Finally Be Entering a Long-Awaited Bull Cycle; Targeting Nearly $1.00


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" the analyst stated that XRP recently broke above a symmetrical triangle ".

I hate to add to the negativity on this board, but I would rather base my investing activity on a $2 palm reader than this stuff.  There are more powerful variables swaying the price than what this 'magic' accounts for.  These predictions succeed mostly in getting people to throw down money they don't have.    

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These people who think TA applies to XRP are the least educated of the bunch. And now for my TA.

XRP has the potential to reach $1.00 from .29 cents but there will be some resistance starting at .30, .31, .32, .33, .34, .35 up to $1 and there’s also the possibility of a sharp decline to .28, .27, .26, .25 all the way to .001. Feel free to subscribe to my channel for more in-depth specifics of TA between each cent as there are gains/resistance to be had at the fractional level.

If you really want to know how resistance works just watch Alex Cobbs XRP videos.  They directly correlate with resistance and price drop of XRP. Back to you Alex!

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TA is made particularly impenetrable because investors are mostly assessing the price relative to other currencies, especially BTC.   Just now XRP is doing relatively well, and this is quite likely to be related to the distribution of Spark tokens as anything else. 

At some point there is a likely to be a sizable transfer from BTC to altcoins, an XRP as no 3 is likely to be preferentially chosen because it has a reputation for moving very high very fast in the "alt season".  

XRP has long term structural stability because it is technologically ahead and has strong financial and team backing from Ripple and a very strong (maybe the strongest) use case.

All these factors are bullish for XRP, but the markets are fickle and unpredictable, especially crypto markets that have many whales with anti XRP agendas.

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