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Flare Airdrop - Will the MEW wallet 24 words allow me to operate the new Spark tokens?


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Hi,  I’m not familiar with MEW wallet and Etherium.   Just checking...   many are suggesting the MEW wallet to create an ether-compatible address for Flare.  That’s fine,  but will the MEW 24 words deterministically create a seed that will work in future Flare wallets for that address?


I know it seems reasonable, and everyone is assuming so....  but I need to be certain.  (I suspect it will...   because the Flare network is compatible with (cloned from?) the Ether gizzards.)

I read somewhere that the 24 words can actually produce multiple valid keys??  Not sure if that is correct.   Not clear on the encryption side of things,  so want to be certain that I will be able to operate the Flare wallet when it exists.

Thanks in advance for any information.

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