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Whitelist Ledger for XRP redistribution?


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Hi guys, newbie here, came across this link and knew this is a scam, but can't help to wonder how my XRP can be stolen if i "whitelist" my ledger nano?


The site gives you 3 ways to "redeem" the airdrop, secret key / 24 words / Ledger nano.

It's widely known any site asking for secret key or 24 words seed is a scam, but they even cater for Ledger Nano now?
What will happen if i try to sign a transaction using my ledger in this site? The site didnt ask for the Ledger seed, but some kind of "whitelist".

I want to learn how it works, thanks in advance!


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They will want you at some stage of their fakery to put in your secret key to enable the transaction.

Once they have your secret key they will have total access to your XRP.  That is because your XRP exist on the widely distributed XRPLedger NOT on your Nano.  The Nano only protects and holds your secret key (which they want you to disclose).

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