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Let Her Rip Goes Bronze!

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12 hours ago, 7strings said:

I remember early 2018 you were one of the few who more or less called the top and also advised newbies against putting their life savings into XRP @3USD+.
Ok, when I say "advised against", I mean you called these people idiots and all sorts of names - but you warned them/us nonetheless. I for one can honestly say I wish I'd listened to you instead of waiting for this thing to go to 10 USD :)

No worries. 589 EOY 2018 bruv! It's remarkable that people start topics about other forum members because they disagree. Shows what a nice and useful community this is :) OP should be banned and this topic removed.

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12 hours ago, 7strings said:

Yep, I remember a few guys who probably lost everything and I felt (and still feel) truly sorry for them. People who bought near the ATH became oldtimers meanwhile - I hope everyone who stuck around since then will see a new bull market sooner than later.

I feel sorry for them too. That's what annoys me so much about the youtubers and the general mindset here. It's as if this was a done deal 3 years ago and without risk. The talks about crazy valuations based on simplistic views, ... And to this day it still seems to be the case. And it's probably people who needed the money the most that are more likely to have fallen for this.

Everybody hopes for a bull market. "fill your bags when it's cheap" ;) Let's hope XRP is one of the key digital assets with high value.

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1 hour ago, SquaryBone said:

it's probably people who needed the money the most that are more likely to have fallen for this.

That's exactly why I wouldn't make fun of anyone who lost money on this, even if they behaved like **** - most didn't, they were simply naive and wanted to believe.
Also, I think most 589ers are long gone, everyone who is left here posting semi-regularly has learned a lot in 2018/2019. 

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