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Biden Affiliates With Gary Gensler Who Believes XRP Is A Security


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Big fuckup.  Yuge.  (Not over yet, however.)

Lots of people - especially tech ceo's who have been hijacked by their young employees' feral-internet-children ideologies - are not liking potential Biden administration policy/picks, which oddly they've just begun to look at, beyond "orange man talks like a person instead of like a PR flack, so orange man must be bad."

Congress - and maybe a few other entities - will be coming for SF in a big way, no matter wtf happens...  stand clear.  The AOC's and Bernie folks hate the tech oligarchs because they're rich - and the Republicans hate 'em because they just censored half the electorate.  I'm old enough to remember the Andy Warhol t-shirt that said "nuke the valley" - and that's gonna be about the size of it.


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