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Test FXRP Faucet


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Can someone send me some Test FXRP for the Flare Coston Network.  I don't want to install Node.js at this time (perhaps down the road) which is currently the way to acquire test FXRP.  I will be testing out Coston in the Remix IDE which doesn't require Node.js

My address is 0xF962e09a92F4127bbC770c22aF41a0c3BaF0b66a

Thank you

PS.  Instructions on how to acquire Test FXRP via Node.js are documented here Coston Readme

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Here instead of trying to figure out the rest I'll just give you the credentials. They are for testing so no security risk. I can generate more when I've figured out the next steps

Coston Network credentials:
Address: 0x6728235DbBCb6370BC1456350B9A573cbD8B3B9c 
Secret: 0x2f4eda9af7559b347247028338e6ca704eff3f8befaf9489b871f763568b671f 

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Thank you Jargoman.  I logged into Metamask today, and ChainID is now mandatory.  Unfortunately, Coston is not included in the current list ChainIDs.

I did some googling put couldn't find Coston's ChainID.  I think Coston may have to put themselves on the list before Metamask can once again interact with Coston.

I might have to get a Reddit account and mention this to the Flare Network.  Jargoman if you have Reddit perhaps you can enquire? https://www.reddit.com/r/FlareNetworks/

Also it would be good to know the Block Explorer URL.  Currently it's not present in the Coston's Readme.

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