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David Schwartz Says Ripple Is Making Strategic Adjustments to Enhance XRP


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On 11/8/2020 at 6:12 AM, buh said:

I guess with now a Biden administration in view, then i have to concede to you that this was all a “bluff”.


now the worst of possibilities, 4 more years of uncertainty for Ripple while waiting in Limbo for someone throwing a bone to them when it comes to regulatory clarity.


Why is it a bluff only now? If Trump == certainty why would they do the effort to move or bluff to move? And so for Biden == uncertainty: if it's not  bluff they'll move right away. There were 4 permutations, 2 ruled out and only them moving proves it was not a bluff.

I doubt the president has that much to do with this. The tune around crypto has completely changed.

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