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I asked bitgo a question, bitgo is the company that PayPal was/is trying to buy

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A service they offer for large million $ enterprise customers ONLY is Settlement with XRP . But bitcoin and other many others have an extra service. Pay as you go, this is for small retailers or individuals who want to accept CRYPTO . I asked why don't you offer the pay as you go with XRP. And this is the response I got.

"The main reason is how fees are collected for non utxo chains. We would not be able to collect fees at the time of the transaction like which we do for BTC. This means we need to accrue withdrawal fees until the end of the month and send and invoice. As you can imagine, this is not a viable solution for non business users without a legal contract in place."


I was wondering if there is an actual solution, I am not technically minded on XRPL but it seems like this is should be a simple thing to adjust so that its as easy for them as it is with BTC to accept XRP for  their smaller customers. 

I wanted to reply to them with something that they can look into and hopefully maybe start offering that, as I just realised maybe that's a hurdle that more xrp centric devs could assist with. Anyone have any sensible ideas to respond back, if your just going to say tell them to fk off then or we only want large enterprise companies using xrp, don't bother replying to this.


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