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Bithomp Toolkit v.0.5.0 - Still safe?


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Hello everyone

I'm new in that space, so please don't shout at me : ) First of all. I created my paper wallet by bithomp toolkit, that was present on bithomp website. Unfortunately, there is no toolkit on bithomp.com. I fount the same one on github. Is it safe? I tested github's version 0.5.0 with another paper wallet (in online mode) and it's still working smoothly...

Thank You for advice

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1 hour ago, Warbler said:

It's called bithomp-tools :) not a toolkit. 

It's fine for offline use on a secure air-gapped computer etc.. 

We discontinued it, as there are better options, like using hardware wallets or xumm app. 


But we can still findit on github to download and run offline?

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