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I got scammed. Help please!


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These scammers will hop it across a few accounts before it hits a large account where I guess they wash it:

#1 rEuYsyuVb6rU1tjQBXbBW6Z3spYDowyeTM

#2 rwpMvfxoodXggJ1g4qv6MWAPQqWDwQyHUW

Eventually there will be forensic tools/apps to track and trace all the wash transaction even after they hit the +1 mill XRP accounts; everything is public, there's no hiding them ever.

As for recourse, that's still an issue.  If you file some kind of police report, you'll at least be able to prove the origin of the 'stolen' XRP, even if it's years before there's even a way to reclaim those exact 14,000 XRP.  If the tools and laws ever come to pass, you'll have the paperwork.

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On 10/15/2020 at 3:36 PM, jayjayokocha said:

I just got scammed by site xrpfund.us Ive sent all of my Xrp (14,000) which is baically all my money. It's gone to the address r9pAQKXXkUFsWo374euRTv5ekzKBZmR3uS

maybe it's possible to track what's the exchange reach someone to block it. im helpless guys...



maybe this can help 

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