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Yes! Been using it last few days. Really nice UX thus far. Seems limited to three account names, which is fair. Does feel quite "emaily". Hoping to see some PayMe+ logos around the web in the next few months to make payment much easier. 

Also curious to know how it works out how you get paid, i.e. if you choose XRP and someone sends JPY... I mean for now does it have to be the same currency? Or is it converted, and if so how?

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Na, I wish, I got your 1 XRP, but nothing happened within the payme+ app, which I kind of new nothing would.

I did get notified through https://www.xrpbalance.info/

but the payme+ payid address worked.

the funny thing is, I have multiple payid address's going to the same XRPL address....should i do it like that, who knows, as long as I get paid....:big_boss:

so, whats your sexy payid or payme+ address, so i can return the favor?

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On 10/14/2020 at 1:10 PM, thinlyspread said:



Glad you received it. I guess there's no way you'd know/prove it, but yes I used the PayID schema you gave me, so... I guess it works! 

But I really want to know what happens if someone has selected a fiat account, or other crypto, or Paypal or something, for receiving money. Does it get converted? How? 

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Aha! VERY interesting.

Here's what happened: I tested it by removing all XRP networks (I kept Ethereum and Paypal as options). I used Gatehub this time to test a payment, sending in XRP. It could NOT find the thinlyspread$payme.plus pay ID. So I could not send a payment to it. When I readded XRP as a receiving option, it "discovered" it again.

So basically, you have to be using the same network/asset for send/receive. I guess in future that'll change as ILP becomes standardised.

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