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Email reporting to be from Coindesk advertising reward program is a SCAM

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Yes, I got the email too, for anyone reading these words "ripple launches community program to compensate for xrps continued price decline" please do not click on any of the links ... as per RycNoosh's message above you'll notice that the "i" in coindesk is not an "i" !!!





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I too keep getting these, and flag them as spam.

Latest one says this malarky :


25% ROI on current XRP balance for all holders that apply and qualify, confirmed Ripple reps today. The announcement positively shocked the community, by delivering on a promise of tons of XRP to be distributed to faithful holders. We are in direct communication with Ripple's executive team for an interview, and will keep you updated about all the...

And to add to their faux credibility, they say this at the bottom...


ATTENTION: Scammers have been sending fraudulent emails with links to sites disguised to look like coindesk.com. If you are in doubt about a link, type https://www.coindesk.com directly into your browser; do not copy and paste. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Report as spam, or scam if you have the option !

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