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Flare Finance - The first Dapp built on Flare Network

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21 minutes ago, kanaas said:

here, however, there was one today .... by a pigeon, right on my jacket ;)

If you are going to create an artwork why create it on canvas?  Splash out onto something that will walk around and put your work on display.  
                                 Pigeon Painters Digest.   Circa 2017.    

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Short paper has been released, outlining six financial products

  • FlareX

Spot and Margin Trading Platform with Swaps

  • FlareFarm

Yield Farming and Governance Platform

  • FlareUSD

Stable Dollar Distribution Platform

  • FlareLoans

Collateralized Loans Platform

  • FlareMutual

Decentralized Risk-Based Mutual Fund

  • FlareMine

Yield Mining and Liquidity Generation Pool



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Will xrp holders be able to stake there xrp without the risks of losing there xrp holdings? Like WRAPPED BTC ... THERE has to be a service whe xrp holders can use there holdings to make profit without the risk of losing the xrp ....using defi projects hopefully flare finance ? 

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On 10/8/2020 at 5:21 AM, PlanK said:

Why mining?


Are they adding this outdated wasteful element just to pander to the BTC dinosaurs that think it's not a real coin if it's not mined?



On 10/8/2020 at 6:50 AM, BillyOckham said:

Yeah that’s what I thought also.  If so then it’s pathetic and despicable.

Its not the mining your thinking about man this is defi. Look into it , you don't use machines like bitcoin blockchain... this is all the new defi hype stuff

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