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Flare Finance - The first Dapp built on Flare Network

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20 minutes ago, thinlyspread said:

Three more tokens though?! Really?! 

I like it. The more, the merrier. Other shitcoins/shitnetworks based their whole existence on tokens issuing, and now I can't see any real reason why XRPL+Flare can't have done it better and actually the right way. This space is huge with many opportunities and many busy years are coming.

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In an EVM world (like Ethereum or Flare) it is pretty easy to build functionality and deliver value in the form of a coin. This functionality can be e.g. a derivative that is based on value of other tokens on the network. So not necessarily an IOU, it can be completely decentralized in itself. This is what I see the value of DeFi, basically decentralized derivatives. (But note b.t.w. that UK plans to ban derivatives on crypto - https://cointelegraph.com/news/uk-s-fca-bans-retail-crypto-derivatives-after-year-long-consideration - which is weird imo ...)

Not saying that these new coins are per definition ok, one needs to look really good at what is behind the coin ..

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Its very complicated!...but so is what goes on under the bonnet of my car, or inside the electronics on my refrigerator, or inside the algorithms of a social media site .....

I guess very complicated systems, if set up correctly, can run smoothly and provide added efficiency and easy to use technology?    

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45 minutes ago, NightJanitor said:

(Suppresses urge to give Wittgensteinian lecture on subtle dangers of "be" verbs...)

Met Wittgensteinian in Cambridge in '33, great guy.

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