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How to interpret the ledger entries so that the asset balance at the end is the same like the one reported in the wallet, and without missing funds?


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I have a problem with the balance sheet on one of my old XRP wallets. If you look here you can see that it is almost empty and that's fine (it's abandoned).

When I keep track of all the transactions from the first to the most recent and check the asset inventory after each operation, things get very strange.
I could order with money that I didn't have at that moment?
Here is a tool I wrote to check any changes in the asset balance:
http://www.new-media.at/mycoins/history.php   (wallet: "Ripple")

AS you can see in line #79 I sold 27,806.45 XRP although I only had 12,267.21896 XRP at that moment !?
More discrepancies to see in lines #186, #227, #239 ... and many more.

A process such as placing, canceling orders or trust lines is listed as a withdrawal because they are probably only consuming fees.
I accounted only operations like "Sell order fulfilled", "Buy order placed and fulfilled" and "Exchange".

For another smaller XRP wallet things worked out fine:
http://www.new-media.at/mycoins/history.php   (change to wallet: "XRP 2")

Can someone explain to me how to interpret the ledger entries ( of wallet rKWm7WtU2pUeoKvexSFkt8Yaeb8BG1pZqU ) so that the asset balance at the end is the same like the one reported, and without any missing funds?

Best regards,

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Mistake found, problem solved!

The Founder of Bithomp, Viacheslav Bakshaev was giving me the important hint to investigate the raw JSON result and to look for "Balance change" operations.
It turns out that sometimes the balance changes in the raw JSON result is different to that what is shown in "Buy/Sell order placed" operation, and I was not accounting the "Balance change" operations as well. Now the balance is (more or less) the one is reported.

Best regards,

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