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Wietse Wind Warns: While Claiming your Spark Tokens, Do Not Fall for this XRP Scam


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43 minutes ago, bodytexture said:

can I follow this tutorial safely? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsI3HnvSxEY&ab_channel=WorkingMoneyChannel


But xrptoolkit and ledger worked fine for me. If toolkit doesnt recognise your ledger - switch Internet browser then you are able to set itup

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6 hours ago, bodytexture said:

I will be able to add XRP to the same ledger address I registred for the sparck airdrop, just as long as I do it before the snapshot , so that the added xrp can be counted inn, right?

It's a snapshot so you can add xrp right up until the ledger right before. And you can withdraw the XRP the ledger following the snapshot. A new ledger is confirmed approximately ever 3 seconds

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20 hours ago, XRPage said:

When I try to connect my ledger nano s to xrptoolkit it says that he version of my ledger nano is too old. Anyone having this issue? The firmware version on my nano is 1.5.5.

Yes I had outdated firmware, so I had to connect to official LedgerLive software (I say official because there's ongoing email scam right now) and update that first, then back to xrp toolkit... 

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