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Different between Trustline and TrustSet?

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I want to create a gateway of my own Currencies using Ripple. For that I need Account B trusts to Account A for 1 million USD within my gateway.

For that do I use Trustline and TrustSet? What is Different between Trustline and TrustSet?

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4 hours ago, mDuo13 said:

The RippleAPI "Trustline" transaction is an alias in the JavaScript API for a TrustSet transaction on the protocol level.

That's a miss... we should consider submitting a PR that renames the transaction to TrustSet, to match the underlying code; the old name can remain but should be deprecated and the documentation should recommend that the new name be used.

Naming is hard but people get used to bad names. The real problem is when names are inconsistent; not only is it confusing, it's incredibly frustrating. We shouldn't be conflating a trustline (an actual object, on the ledger) with TrustSet (a transaction that can create, modify and delete trustlines). 


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