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big exchange not complete in Gatehub. Support doesn't respond


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8 minutes ago, tekkillah said:

Thank you Mercury.

Looks like a bug in the Exchange option (but not with small amounts).

Weird fact is that it did not create a sell order in the Trade option instead.

So it's impossible to cancel anything. Same kind of notifications as rashedalssarhi. And the balance is not updated neither.

Trade and Exchange page both submit an OfferCreate transaction directly to the network (which can be buy or sell).

What is confusing is the way transaction history is being displayed. Even though transaction has been (successfully) submitted to the network it's not necessary that it got executed (for a number of reasons not just fill or kill flag).

We'll update the display so it won't be as confusing as it is now.

PRO TIP - In transactions tab you can click on each transaction and see actual balance changes. If there are none it means that order was not executed.


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6 minutes ago, rashedalssarhi said:

for me when i tried to trade it says insufficent reserve to create offer ? wht should i do

XRP reserve minimum has been reached. You should buy some XRP (this is the only transaction you can do when reserve is running low).

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4 minutes ago, tekkillah said:

Actually with the current Wallet it is not obvious that these kind of Exchange transactions are cancelled. They seem to be fulfilled.

Well... I've just missed a crazy trade but I'm not gonna blame anybody except myself. Thanks for the explanation.

They look like they succeed because the server returns a tesSUCCESS, which makes sense: after all, the transaction did exactly what you asked of it. You need to look closer at the metadata to understand exactly what the transaction did.

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2 minutes ago, rashedalssarhi said:

i even tried to exchange with 5 USD but i couldnt get it ?

See my reply above. The only exchange you can make is one to buy additional XRP because your ripple wallet is running low on XRP reserves.

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