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Crypto Trader Lists the Reasons Why XRP Price Will Never Attain 5 Figures


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I don't spend a lot of time listing reasons why things I'm sure won't happen - and that definitely don't scare me - surely won't happen and definitely don't scare me.

But some people do... :)

(They're called "shorts.")

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"There's a name for that, actually..."
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I had to laugh that #5 was, "no one will ever pay $10,000 for 1 XRP ever, so it'll never be worth $10,000." I mean...really? :crazy: You'll never get wet if you don't walk in the rain either.

TBF $10,000 if ever hit would be at full maturity for XRP, maybe in a decade or two.  We're talking full government adoption, all the derivatives markets, etc. moving billions and trillions around in CBDCs through XRP.

Want to send 'n' swap  $5,000,000,000 USDC at $500/XRP from the US gooberment to the Canadian gooberment? That'll be 10,000,000 XRP please. Swap, swap. Here's 10,000,000 XRP worth of Canadian CBDCs.

Want to send $5,000,000,000 USDC at $10,000/XRP from the US central bank to the Japanese central bank? That'll be 500,000 XRP please. Swap, swap.

The price will have to adjust so that these huge transactions won't suck up 'too much' of the available XRP pool, leaving enough liquidity for everyone else. How much is 'too much' the market will have to decide. A lot of the large stuff can probably go through OTC/wholesale desks to avoid the retail markets too.

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