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Fiatleak/xrp going a bit bonkers right now

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Yeah, it was going bonkers there just a second ago. Saw 7m traded in 1 minute. CAD even made a showing :)

Kitao appointed the economic advisor to the new Japan Prime Minister (after further review it's speculation, my apologies), US Regulators getting their asses in gear, Kraken Bank... dare I say, things are looking up! :rolleyes:

RUB and ZAR? Everybody wants some action. I could get used to this.

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They could make their page even better by applying heat colours to the currencies and flags.  At the moment it’s sometimes a bit hard to see what the currency was.

I would suggest they flare the currency and flag up in colour (eg blue hot down to red hot down to orange) reducing over time and brightness depending on throughput.

That would make it prettier and let you see at a glance what currencies are running hot.

I don’t have social media so can’t easily contact them.  Please feel free to suggest it if you think it’s a good idea and you have a social media account.  :) 

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