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Re: SPARK token distribution timeline

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Where is this confirmed?

As per the Flare site:

If you self custody, your Spark tokens will be delivered by a set of smart contracts operating on the Flare network either at launch or as soon as the network registers your claim from reading the XRPL. You may claim Spark after the network goes live but not after the 6 month date from the Snapshot. The Spark tokens will be delivered to the Flare address specified during the claim process. At launch there will be several Flare compatible wallets to choose from.

If you hold your XRP at a supporting exchange they will deliver the Spark tokens to your account at the exchange.

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10 hours ago, Wolfparty said:

¿Dónde se confirma esto?

Según el sitio de Flare:

Si tiene la custodia propia, sus tokens Spark se entregarán mediante un conjunto de contratos inteligentes que operan en la red Flare, ya sea en el lanzamiento o tan pronto como la red registre su reclamo después de leer el XRPL.  Puede reclamar Spark después de que la red entre en funcionamiento, pero no después de la fecha de 6 meses desde la instantánea. Los tokens Spark se entregarán a la dirección de Flare especificada durante el proceso de reclamo. En el lanzamiento, habrá varias carteras compatibles con Flare para elegir.

Si mantiene su XRP en un intercambio de apoyo, entregarán los tokens Spark a su cuenta en el intercambio.


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51 minutes ago, xrp_sea said:

If that is true, they will lose a lot of momentum and excitement by waiting that long. People will have moved on and forgotten about it by June 2021.

But it’s NOT true.  Please read the various posts elsewhere on the forum about the claim process.


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  • Gamblord changed the title to Re: SPARK token distribution timeline
On 9/16/2020 at 1:33 AM, Gamblord said:

It seems that we will not receive spark until 6 month after Dec 12 2020. Being able to loan XRP or engage in DeFi would also be a while after that. 

Does this bode well for the price of XRP?


He is saying you have six months after Dec 12th to claim Spark. Has nothing to do with issuance... which will occur when the network launches or as soon as the network registers your claim. All of this can be found in the FAQ on flare.ghost.io 

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