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Ripple CEO Slams India’s Decision to Ban Cryptocurrency Trading

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Am I the only one that senses a hint of sarcasm... and perhaps a slight at the original Forbes'  Bloomberg source... or am I simply toooooo optimistic?

Gotta admit, I am pretty damn optimistic!

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Bloomberg, not Forbes.... dum-dum... and while I have you here, yes, you are overly optimistic you handsome son-of-a-*****!
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13 minutes ago, EcneitapLatnem said:

and while I have you here, yes, you are overly optimistic you handsome son-of-a-*****!

By definition you are overly optimistic.


You have voluntarily,  in spite of repeated warnings,  invested and remained invested, in bankster scam coin XRP while all of crypto,  all chart action, indeed the entire universe,  yells at you to stop being foolish.


Me too.   :)   (Remained invested in XRP that is...)


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I wonder if cash usage has anything to do with the decision. Both China and India have a high percentage of cash users. China also banned crypto trading a while ago. Maybe those nations hadn’t developed the technology to monitor the inflow/outflow of money going in/out of crypto. A temporary ban until they can monitor the situation. Just pondering 🤔 


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3 hours ago, BillyOckham said:

By definition you are overly optimistic.

I don't know.. perhaps it's my optimism that is blinding me, but I don't think you are correct...here is the definition of overly-optimistic: (Cambridge Dictionary)

"Too hopeful, or too ready to believe that good things will happen in the future."


"Too"? How and when do you define "too"....  unfortunately, this investment is all about who is currently correct and not about who will be correct... it's hindsight 20/20... but the opposite... until it's the inverse of the opposite... don't know what that is.... but it's when you are a genius!  And everyone wonders why they didn't see what was so "obvious".... in "hindsight".... but yeah, not only am I overly-optimistic, but I'm drunk too!!! That always helps to dull the pain!

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Now I feel compelled to say that if you don't say anything now... and the price shoots up tomorrow.... you can't claim prayer or religion did the trick....

... so yeah, basically asking the evangelicals (not even sure how many are left) to state the miracle is in the works now!... not when it happens... TIA

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