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Ripple CTO David Schwartz Reveals Crypto He Currently Holds Aside From XRP


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Actually, I heard he created BTC in a drunken stupor... barely  remembered doing so... in fact, he didn't even remember his creation until he found some algorithms written on a bar napkin... rumor has it, the only recognizable factor was his handwriting (they were formatted in Cambodian). Nonetheless, that bar napkin, which still exists, mined 14 Bitcoin... every week for the next 12 months!  

Does this napkin still mine, you ask?  How should I know?!

My point is that XRP was created when he was sober.


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2 minutes ago, JJJ2 said:

I find very strange that a CTO of a company worth several hundred blns and facing a hard battle for a market that does not seem to take off has time to chat on twitter. I am always very suspicious when I see such things.

Hell yeah! Why would he do that!? So ridiculous, right on brother!!  How could he find the time?! So foolish... he must be, moron! Good point!  

By the way, what do you do?

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13 hours ago, jargoman said:

He was originally a BTC user before creating XRP.

Was he not more than that ?

IIRC he's been mentioned that as one of the contributors to the original basecode of the Bitcoin network.

It would certainly have put him in a great position to know some of its design flaws and such, eh ?

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