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Oh shiaatttt! RTGS Global + Microsoft Launch Cross-border Liquidity, available to 43,300 Banks (No Blockchain or XRP)

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43 minutes ago, mandelbaum said:

This is a messaging service, it does not provide liquidity. It does not move money. It messages banks to remove a number from one account and add numbers in another account. It happens quickly, yes, but it is still just a messaging service.

It uses available liquidity at central and commercial banks. You know central banks?, the ones that create money.

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For someone apparently so good at seeing through BS, I'm surprised you took this bait so quickly. They sure got you hook, line and sinker. I think that's why people suspect your motives - you did

"Available" to 43K banks, not on-boarded banks yet, or even any mention of estimates of those intending to utilize it. A key question is that of the necessary software, what's involved in it's integra

New York-Tokyo distance is 10800Km. The light will take around 72ms to go back and forth and they can do bilateral agreements in only 50ms. They found something faster than light, it's groundbreaking

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Every computer with microsoft breaks.

My car with a microsoft infortainment system broke. The seconds system from a junk yard is breaking the same way. I can now replace it with android since the newer system is compatible.

The last piece of decent software from microsoft was XP. It was outsourced for development.

Windows 10 is spywayre. Microsoft has an office at the NSA building. IDK we will see. Ripple has always been a long shot.

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3 minutes ago, peanut56 said:

    This doesn't solve the problem of allowing Nation States to have a neutrally controlled exchange asset.

That's a valid + for Ripple I would think. Otherwise each Central Bank has to trust the other Central Bank. It is not for nothing that the Dollar is currently the reserve currency that everybody accepts

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11 minutes ago, LetHerRip said:

They where expecting you conspiracy nutcases. Here is what the founding partner had to say while posting the news


LetHerRip is such an arrogant, smelly piece of garbage.

I'll believe this tech when I see it. It sounds to me like a last gasp to hold onto legacy giants and the power they hold over all other players. Good piece of FUD, though. 

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Hi everyone, hope you are all virus free and getting some fun out of life.  RTGS have a Patent or Patents Pending  .  Patents take 18 Months or more to be either Granted or Disallowed. The Legal Bods scour the Planet to assertain whether or not anyone else has prior claims. Details of any Prior invention similar that already has/or had a Patent will be sent to the Applicant by their Patent Examiner in the form of submitting Prior Intellectual Property/Inventions that may conflict. These challenges have to be answered to prove that your idea is " Novel " New.

Ripple have first mover advantage that is being held back by ******** claiming Class Actions and the SEC taking forever to classify the humble Zerp as NOT a Security.

Vibes Psa GIF by GIPHY Cares


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is this a challenge or complimentary to Swift?

I keep in mind the control that the US has over international money movements through it's integration with Swift. Sanctions?

Microsoft's proposed offering may well be more keenly aligned with this?

Just my meanderings 

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I read in News today that The Flare Network are doing a Massive Airdrop of their Spark token to XRP Holders. Source; " 500 Million XRP prepared for Spark Tokens. " The full Report can be found on FiatLeak,  the shocking revelation is that the 45 Billion Spark units will only be Dropped into Wallets holding 5 Million XRP or more !

Ripple give diddly to the humble hodler, that's how you know that any online advert to get free XRP is a scam... They give us nothing and never have !  

Kate Winslet Money GIF by INTO ACTION

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21 minutes ago, elias said:

I wonder how Ripple will respond to this news. Perhaps a nice fireside chat, "blockstars" podcast, or even an SBI pdf!

Personally I'm hoping they'll throw more $millions at the fake companies of their dodgy mates.

Maybe in a couple of months, or early next year.

Or perhaps Ripple will simply welcome them to the playing field... when RTGS is finally done putting on the uniforms for which have been designed but not approved (no patents completed and no regulatory approval yet) and certainly these uniforms haven't actually been made yet.  Probably gonna need a tailor to work around the clock and on weekends if they hope to be able to have those uniforms done sometime "in 2021" according to the CEO.  For now all the star athletes are just hanging around naked in the locker room for the foreseeable future.  

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9 minutes ago, WarChest said:

Mean while over on Twitter.


Mr Artura Portilla responds.


Yup, looks like it doesn't eliminate N/V accounts, just makes them more visible.  The need for correspondent banks still remains.  Looks like an overhaul to the existing architecture, not a complete reworking of the system for more inclusive banking worldwide.


RIP SWIFT.  You had a good run.

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  • LetHerRip changed the title to Oh shiaatttt! RTGS Global + Microsoft Launch Cross-border Liquidity, available to 43,300 Banks (No Blockchain or XRP)

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