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Bitso Exchange / Flare Spark Token

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15 minutes ago, fernandoobregon said:

Does anyone here uses Bitso as your exchange? i asked Bisto Support for information about Flare / Spark Token and wanted to share the information they told me if anyone is interested and if someone uses Bitso and has asked the same question to compare the information provided.



Share it then :D

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The emails are in spanish, but in short translation, they say that they are in talks directly with Flare and they have to evaluate the project and the the possible consequences, and that they will notify me of any new news.

Also they say that Flare told them that they will notify them 2 weeks before the ¨snapshot¨ and that the date is not yet set.

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Two minor pieces of info re Bitso...

1. They don't accept US customers to fund an account (sigh) - yet.

2. They just announced :


Moving forward with our global expansion, we added new US dollar trading pairs — ETH/USD and XRP/USD


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