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claim spark by preparing xprl account with ripple desktop client


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Hi dudes, 


i would like to prepare my xrpl accounts by myself to claim the spark token.I follow this steps to get the right value to point to my etherwallet:

Take a ETH-compatible public account address you own the private key (or secret, like mnemonic, seed, ...) of, eg. 0x415f8315c9948Ad91e2Cce5b8583A36dA431fb61

Strip the first two characters, and turn the string to upper case characters: 415F8315...A431FB61

Prepend 02 and 24 zeroes: 020000...000415F8315...A431FB61


What kind of tips you can give me to do it with the ripple desktop client.Before i never used the message field , i even need to check out where i can find this field, didnt open the ripple desktop client a while.
Before i will try to do it by myself i would ask my old fellows from xrpchat to get some tips to avoid mistakes.


cheers and wish us all good luck for the future :)



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